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REopt Lite Tutorial: Load Profile Input (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video REopt Lite Tutorial: Load Profile Input.

There are two options for modeling your site’s typical electric load profile. You can simulate it based on genericized load profiles developed by the Department of Energy, or by uploading actual interval data.

Let’s first start with a simulation. This assumes you do not have actual interval data. Use the dropdown to select a common building type that most closely matches the use of your own site. Based on the location you entered in the previous section, a representative hourly load profile will be generated based on the Department of Energy Commercial Reference Buildings.

Additionally, the expected total annual electricity consumption will be calculated. If you know your site’s annual electricity consumption, you can enter it here instead of the generated value. You can download or chart the modeled typical load profile as well.

If you have actual interval data (in 15-minute, 30-minute, or hourly intervals), select the Upload tab. This will allow the model to most accurately represent your site’s electricity requirements.

If you're logged into your REopt Lite® account and have previously uploaded your typical load profile, you can select it from the dropdown list.

If you haven’t already uploaded your typical load profile, download the “Sample custom load profile” to see the .csv file format required. Save your site’s load profile in this format and upload it to REopt Lite. The load profile should start at the first hour of January 1, and be sure to include the year—this will help preserve the day of the week for accurate application of the site’s utility rate to the load profile.