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REopt Lite User Guides

Learn more about using the REopt™ Lite web tool by reviewing the following REopt Lite user guide resources, including a user manual, a demonstration video, and overview fact sheets and webinars.

User Manual

The REopt Lite Web Tool User Manual provides an overview of the tool and the intended users and use cases, and instructions on how to get started with using the tool. The user manual also contains details about the tool’s data inputs, results, and default values, and links to technical references for the tool.

Download the REopt Lite Web Tool User Manual.

Demonstration Video

The following video demonstrates how the REopt Lite web tool evaluates solar photovoltaics and battery storage potential to optimize energy systems for buildings, campuses, communities, and microgrids.

REopt Lite Web Tool Demo

Additional Resources

NREL Tools Help Identify and Evaluate Renewable Energy Projects • NREL fact sheet, August 2018

REopt Lite Web Tool • NREL fact sheet, April 2018

REopt Lite Web Tool Evaluates Photovoltaics and Battery Storage • NREL fact sheet, March 2018

Simplifying Resilient Power Design with REopt Lite: A Look at New Features Added to NREL’s Solar+Storage Tool • Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, July 2018

REopt Lite: Sizing Solar+Storage for Savings and Resiliency with NREL’s New Tool • Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, November 2017