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Beta Version: Still undergoing development, testing, and validation.

REopt Lite

The REopt™ Lite web tool helps commercial building managers:

  • Evaluate the economic viability of grid-connected PV and battery storage at a site
  • Identify system sizes and battery dispatch strategies to minimize energy costs
  • Estimate how long a system can sustain critical load during a grid outage.

REopt Lite offers a no-cost subset of NREL's more comprehensive REopt model. Contact for full REopt analysis services.

Step 1: Choose Your Focus

Do you want to optimize for financial savings or energy resilience?

Step 2: Enter Your Data

Enter information about your site and adjust the default values as needed to see your results.

* Required field

* Required field

* Typical load

How would you like to enter the typical energy load profile?


The following inputs are not factored into the optimization but appear in the results as costs and benefits.

Step 3: Select Your Technology

Do you want to evaluate PV, battery, or both?


Capital Cost Based Incentives

Percentage-based incentive (%) Maximum incentive ($) Rebate ($/kW) Maximum rebate ($)



Production Based Incentives

Production incentive ($/kWh) Incentive duration (yrs) Maximum incentive ($) System size limit (kW)