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As of 7/26/2022, the REopt web tool has updated default values for certain inputs listed below. The default value changes will impact your results if you typically use any of these default values. These changes were intended to be in effect as of 4/22/2022, but there was a bug in the REopt API that made the tool use the previous default values. We apologize for this mistake!
  • Discount rate from 8.3% to 5.64%
  • Electricity cost escalation rate from 2.3% to 1.9%
  • PV System capital cost ($/kW-DC) from $1,600 to $1,592
  • PV O&M cost ($/kW-DC/yr) from $16 to $17
  • Battery Energy capacity cost ($/kWh) from $420 to $388
  • Battery Power capacity cost ($/kW AC) from $840 to $775
  • 10 yr Battery Energy capacity replacement cost ($/kWh) from $200 to $220
  • 10 yr Battery Power capacity replacement cost ($/kW AC) from $410 to $440
  • Wind O&M cost ($/kW/yr) from $40 to $35
  • Wind System capital costs ($/kW)
    • Residential (0-20 kW) from $11,950 to $5,675
    • Commercial (21-100 kW) from $7,390 to $4,300
    • Midsize (101-999 kW) from $4,440 to $2,766
    • Large (>=1,000 kW) from $3,450 to $2,239

The REopt® web tool allows users to:

  • Evaluate the economic viability of distributed PV, wind, battery storage, combined heat and power (CHP), and thermal energy storage
  • Identify system sizes and dispatch strategies to minimize energy costs
  • Estimate how long a system can sustain critical load during a grid outage.

Watch REopt Tutorial Videos

Step 0: Login and Gather Data

Logging in (optional) enables you to:


save your evaluations


create a custom electricity rate


build a critical load profile


manage typical and critical load profiles

Data needed for a Financial run:




electricity rate


load (interval data or building type)


fuel cost (if CHP is modeled)

Data needed for a Resilience run:


critical load assumptions


outage duration


outage start date and time