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As of 4/22/22, the REopt web tool has updated default values for certain inputs listed below. The default value changes will impact your results if you typically use any of these default values.
  • Discount rate from 8.3% to 5.64%
  • Electricity cost escalation rate from 2.3% to 1.9%
  • PV System capital cost ($/kW-DC) from $1600 to $1592
  • PV O&M cost ($/kW-DC/yr) from $16 to $17
  • Battery Energy capacity cost ($/kWh) from $420 to $388
  • Battery Power capacity cost ($/kW AC) from $840 to $775
  • 10 yr Battery Energy capacity replacement cost ($/kWh) from $200 to $220
  • 10 yr Battery Power capacity replacement cost ($/kW AC) from $410 to $440
  • Wind O&M cost ($/kW/yr) from $40 to $35
  • Wind System capital costs ($/kW)
    • Residential (0-20 kW) from $11950 to $5675
    • Commercial (21-100 kW) from $7390 to $4300
    • Midsize (101-999 kW) from $4440 to $2766
    • Large (>=1000 kW) from $3450 to $2239

The REopt® web tool allows users to:

  • Evaluate the economic viability of distributed PV, wind, battery storage, combined heat and power (CHP), and thermal energy storage
  • Identify system sizes and dispatch strategies to minimize energy costs
  • Estimate how long a system can sustain critical load during a grid outage.

Watch REopt Tutorial Videos

Step 0: Login and Gather Data

Logging in (optional) enables you to:


save your evaluations


create a custom electricity rate


build a critical load profile


manage typical and critical load profiles

Data needed for a Financial run:




electricity rate


load (interval data or building type)


fuel cost (if CHP is modeled)

Data needed for a Resilience run:


critical load assumptions


outage duration


outage start date and time