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REopt Publications

The following publications and resources provide information about the REopt™ model and REopt Lite web tool.

Date Type Title Description/Keywords
2019-04 Fact Sheet An Integrated Approach to Resilience FEMP fact sheet about energy and water resilience planning
2018-08 Fact Sheet NREL Tools Help Identify and Evaluate Renewable Energy Projects NREL one-page comparison of REopt Lite with other NREL tools
2018-04 Fact Sheet REopt Lite Web Tool NREL one-page REopt Lite summary
2018-03 Fact Sheet REopt Lite Web Tool Evaluates Photovoltaics and Battery Storage NREL two-page REopt Lite overview
2018-01 Fact Sheet Federal Tax Incentives for Battery Storage Systems  NREL one-page summary of ITC, MACRS
2017-09 Fact Sheet NREL Screens Universities for Solar and Battery Storage Potential NREL technical assistance, REopt model
2017-06 Fact Sheet Solar Plus: A Holistic Approach to Distributed Solar PV NREL two-page tech report overview, REopt model
2017-04 Fact Sheet REopt Screenings Catalyze Development of Hundreds of Megawatts of Renewable Energy for Federal Agencies FEMP project development assistance, REopt model
2014-06 Fact Sheet Renewable Energy Optimization (REopt) NREL two-page REopt model overview
2018-01 Brochure Valuing the Resilience Provided by Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems NREL five-page manuscript summary, REopt model, Clean Energy Group
2017-08 Brochure Identifying Potential Markets for Behind-the-Meter Battery Energy Storage: A Survey of U.S. Demand Charges NREL seven-page manuscript summary, Clean Energy Group
2019-06 Technical Report Energy Resilience Assessment for Culebra, Puerto Rico resilience planning, disaster recovery, solar PV planning
2019-06 Technical Report Power Sector Resilience Planning Guidebook: A Self-Guided Reference for Practitioners NREL, USAID, reference manual for policymakers, power sector investors, planners, system operators, energy-sector stakeholders
2019-06 Technical Report Comparative Study of Techno-Economics of Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid Batteries in Micro-Grids in Sub-Saharan Africa NREL, USAID, cost of batteries in microgrids, battery operational practices
2019-03 Technical Report A Comparison of Fuel Choice for Backup Generators generator modeling, resilience, natural gas and diesel, grid-connected generators
2018-10 Technical Report Grid Ready: Strategies for Interconnecting Large-Scale PV in New York City economics of large-scale PV, valuing distributed
energy resources, Sustainable CUNY, City University of New York
2018-08 Technical Report Value Streams from Distribution Grid Support Using Utility-Scale Vanadium Redox Flow Battery: NREL-Sumitomo Electric Battery Demonstration Project REopt model, battery dispatch strategy
2018-08 Technical Report Productive Use of Energy in African Micro-Grids: Technical and Business Considerations USAID, Power Africa, Energy 4 Impact
2018-05 Technical Report Energy-Water Microgrid Opportunity Analysis at the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2 Facility energy water nexus
2018-02 Technical Report Tariff Considerations for Micro-Grids in Sub-Saharan Africa USAID, Power Africa, electricity tariffs, REopt model
2017-11 Technical Report Large-Scale Power Production Potential on U.S. Department of Energy Lands REopt model, utility-scale energy analysis
2017-09 Technical Report REopt: A Platform for Energy System Integration and Optimization techno-economic decision support model
2017-06 Technical Report Solar Plus: A Holistic Approach to Distributed Solar PV soft costs, energy storage
2017-04 Technical Report The Economic Potential of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems Producing Hydrogen hybrid energy systems
2016-12 Technical Report The Economic Potential of Three Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems Providing Thermal Energy to Industry nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems
2016-08 Technical Report The Economic Potential of Two Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems
2016-06 Technical Report New York Solar Smart DG Hub-Resilient Solar Project: Economic and Resiliency Impact of PV and Storage on New York Critical Infrastructure solar plus storage, PV, batteries
2014-11 Technical Report Consolidated Utility Base Energy (CUBE) Model Report hybrid energy systems
2018-08 Conference Paper Valuing Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Resources in the Built Environment: Preprint ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
2016-11 Conference Paper Portfolio Analysis of Renewable Energy Opportunities: Preprint SCTE ISBE Cable-Tec Expo
2016-11 Conference Paper Optimal Sizing of a Solar-Plus-Storage System For Utility Bill Savings and Resiliency Benefits: Preprint Seventh Conference on Innovative Smart Grid
Technologies, ISGT2016
2016-11 Conference Paper A Statistical Analysis of the Economic Drivers of Battery Energy Storage in Commercial Buildings: Preprint North American Power Symposium, NAPS
2015-08 Conference Paper Cost-Optimal Pathways to 75% Fuel Reduction in Remote Alaskan Villages IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability, SusTech
2014-08 Conference Paper REopt: A Platform for Energy System Integration and Optimization: Preprint International Conference on Energy and Sustainability, ES2014
2019-05 Journal Article Technology Solutions to Mitigate Electricity Cost for Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Applied Energy
2019-01 Journal Article Solar-Plus-Storage Economics: What Works Where, and Why? The Electricity Journal
2018-11 Journal Article Impacts of Valuing Resilience on Cost-Optimal PV and Storage Systems for Commercial Buildings Renewable Energy
2018-10 Journal Article Solar Plus: A Review of the End-User Economics of Solar PV Integration with Storage and Load Control in Residential Buildings Applied Energy
2018-07 Journal Article Coordinated Optimization of Multiservice Dispatch for Energy Storage Systems with Degradation Model for Utility Applications IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
2018-04 Journal Article Quantifying and Monetizing Renewable Energy Resiliency Sustainability
2018-03 Journal Article Solar plus: Optimization of distributed solar PV through battery storage and dispatchable load in residential buildings Applied Energy
2017-08 Journal Article Increasing Resiliency Through Renewable Energy Microgrids Journal of Energy Management
2017-07 Poster REopt Improves the Operations of Alcatraz’s Solar PV-Battery-Diesel Hybrid System solar plus storage, PV, batteries, diesel hybrid, REopt model
2016-09 Poster Catalyzing RE Project Development battery storage, REopt model
2016-08 Poster Optimizing Solar + Storage for Cost Savings and Resiliency solar plus storage, PV, batteries, resiliency, REopt model
2016-07 Poster Energy System Modeling with REopt battery storage, REopt model
2016-07 Poster Optimizing Energy Storage Economics battery storage, REopt model
2018-09 Presentation Solar System Modeling at NREL Solar Power International 2018
2018-09 Presentation Solar System Modeling at NREL Solar Power International 2018
2018-08 Presentation Behind-the-Meter Solar + Storage Modeling Tool Comparison ASES Solar 2018
2018-08 Presentation Energy Storage Versus Back-up Generation: Energy Storage Overview 2018 Energy Exchange|Better Buildings Summit, FEMP
2018-06 Presentation When Solar + Storage Makes Sense NAESCO Technology & Financing Workshop
2017-11 Presentation REopt Lite Beta Version: Introduction to FEMP & NREL's New Web Tool DOE, Federal Energy Management Program, FEMP, REopt Lite
2017-08 Presentation Energy Storage Economics 2017 Energy Exchange, FEMP, REopt model
2017-10 Presentation Campus Energy Approach, REopt Overview, and Solar for Universities I2SL Annual Conference, REopt model
2017-12 Presentation Kokhanok Renewable Energy Retrofit Analysis Alaska, microgrid conceptual designs, REopt model
2018-02 Presentation Identifying Critical Factors in the Cost-Effectiveness of Solar and Battery Storage in Commercial Buildings REopt model, distributed solar, market opportunities, behind the meter
2017-05 Presentation Solar Plus: A Holistic Approach to Distributed Solar PV REopt model, distributed solar, energy storage, controllable household devices, customer economics
2019-06 Video Unlock Expert Energy Analysis with REopt Lite REopt Lite features and highlights
2018-02 Video REopt Lite Web Tool Demo: Using the REopt support model and web tool REopt Lite demonstration, user guide
2019-02 Webinar Designing Solar+Storage to Power Critical Loads: An Introduction to New Resilient Power Features in NREL’s REopt Lite Tool Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, REopt Lite
2018-07 Webinar Simplifying Resilient Power Design with REopt Lite: A Look at New Features Added to NREL’s Solar+Storage Tool Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, REopt Lite
2017-11 Webinar REopt Lite: Sizing Solar+Storage for Savings and Resiliency with NREL's New Tool Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, REopt Lite
2016-01 Webinar Strategic Planning for Renewable Energy Deployment: REopt DOE, Federal Energy Management Program, FEMP training, REopt model, federal agency success stories
2016-09 Webinar The Economics of Resilient Solar+Storage for Critical Infrastructure Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project webinar, REopt model
2018-09 Website OpenEI: Solar+Storage: Reducing Barriers through Cost-Optimization and Market Characterization Wiki, technology price data, utility rate data, cost savings data
2018-03 Website REopt Lite API (Version 1) REopt Lite application programming interface
2019-03 Online Article REopt Lite Adds Custom Electricity Rates and an Integrated Critical Load Builder NREL Program News
2018-11 Online Article REopt Lite Adds New Energy Optimization Capabilities with Wind, Custom Rate Tariff, Critical Load Builder, and User Dashboard Features NREL Program News
2018-08 Online Article Adding businesses to microgrids helps financial viability PV Magazine, Power Africa, Energy 4 Impact
2018-06 Online Article NREL Improves Tool For Solar-Plus-Storage Analysis Solar Industry Magazine, REopt Lite
2018-06 Online Article Product Announcement: REopt Lite’s Fresh Features Gauge Costs of Solar+Storage, Bypass Pricey Experts Energy Manager Today
2018-06 Online Article Enhanced Resilience Features Help REopt Lite Users Size Solar+Storage Systems to Support Critical Building Loads NREL Program News
2018-06 Online Article REopt Lite’s Application Programming Interface Boosts Solar+Storage Analysis Flexibility NREL Program News
2018-04 Online Article Q&A with Andy Walker: The Ins and Outs of Renewable Energy Optimization NREL Program News
2018-03 Online Article Thinking Creatively about Residential Solar PV System Optimization: The Solar Plus Approach Science Trends
2017-11 Online Article NREL's Energy Storage and REopt Teams Awarded $525k from TCF to Study Commercial Viability of Optimal, Reliable Building-Integrated Energy Storage NREL Program News
2017-10 Online Article New REopt Lite Tool Allows Building Owners to Optimize PV and Battery System Sizes NREL Program News
2018-06 Press Release New Solar+Storage Tool Capabilities Help Users Assess Facility Resilience and Energy Cost Savings Clean Energy Group, REopt Lite
2018-11 Reprint REopt Lite Adds New Energy Optimization Capabilities with Wind, Custom Rate Tariff, Critical Load Builder, and User Dashboard Features Electric Energy Online
2018-06 Reprint NREL Releases Online Solar Plus Storage Optimization Tool, REopt Lite Energy Storage Networks
2018-06 Reprint NREL Releases Online Solar Plus Storage Optimization Tool, REopt Lite Solar Power World