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REopt Models Solar, Storage, and Utility-Scale Wind Farms for GE

A view of four wind turbines at sunset

Turbines at Swauk Creek Ranch in Washington generate community-scale power. Photo from McKinstry, NREL 26777

NREL worked with General Electric Co. (GE) to evaluate whether adding solar photovoltaics (PV) or energy storage to utility-scale wind farms could improve power plant economics across several markets. NREL used the REopt® model to evaluate several use cases, including using PV and storage to:

  • Firm wind generation to meet the day-ahead forecast
  • Maximize locational marginal price revenues by selling power at the highest price hours
  • Meet 100% of a load at a specific node or distribution feeder, or for a specific customer.

GE will use the REopt analysis to identify potential market opportunities for hybrid solar or storage wind systems.


General Electric Co.


Dan Olis