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REopt Lite Development Plans

NREL continues to develop features and capabilities for the REopt Lite™ web tool. Fiscal Year 2021 REopt Lite development plans include:

  • Combined heat and power: Integrate a combined heat and power technology option, along with chilled water storage, hot water storage, and absorption chiller.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: Integrate a geothermal heat pump technology option.
  • Flexible loads: Add ability to optimize flexible loads alongside generation.
  • Electric vehicles: Add option to include electric vehicle loads in optimizations.
  • Controls: Develop implementable control algorithm based on the optimal dispatch strategy.
  • Constraints: Add ability to constrain solution based on budget, emissions, and renewable energy goals.
  • Online user forum: Allow users to ask and respond to questions, and share insights and successes.
  • Additional resources: Add new REopt Lite case studies and tutorials.

Future software development plans are subject to funding and may change throughout the fiscal year.

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