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REopt Lite Curriculum Materials

Use these REopt Lite™ curriculum materials to teach about energy modeling and system optimization.

Introduction to the REopt Lite Web Tool

Four students listen to a lecture

REopt Lite Web Tool Overview

View a training deck featuring an overview of REopt Lite web tool’s value proposition and capabilities.

Students in a classroom

User Guide, Tutorials, and Webinars

Quick-start tutorials and webinars guide users through REopt Lite inputs, results, and application programming interface (API).

Two students working at computers

Practice Exercises

Training deck provides both an overview of REopt Lite as well as a series of practice exercises.

A man presents a visualization of a renewable energy system

Technical Report

A technical report introduces the REopt model, its capabilities and applications; inputs and outputs; economic calculations; technology descriptions; and model parameters, variables, and equations.

Advanced Software Training

Screenshot of the API training video

API Training Video

A training video shows how to embed REopt Lite into your own applications for dynamic analysis using the Application Programming Interface (API).

Closeup of a man at looking at a computer screen

API Example Scripts

View example scripts for using the API in github.

Screenshot of the REopt application

Open Source Software

View a training deck on the REopt Lite Open Source model.