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REopt Analysis Levels

REopt™ analyses can be performed at varying levels from simple to detailed, depending on the type of input data available and the outputs desired.

NREL often conducts an initial high-level screening of many sites, then focuses more detailed analyses at the most promising sites identified in the screening. This allows organizations to focus limited resources on those opportunities with the highest chance of success. The following table describes three levels of REopt analysis.

NREL REopt Analysis Levels

Level Name Purpose Inputs from Site Outputs
0 Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) screening Identify technical and economic viability trends across a portfolio of sites Location LCOE
1 Initial renewable energy screening of one or multiple sites Provide initial go/no-go analysis for feasibility study


Annual electric and thermal consumption and cost data

Estimated area available

Preliminary technology size(s) and economics

Prioritized list of potential opportunities


Detailed analysis

Recommend optimized technology size and operating strategy

15-minute-interval electric data

Thermal load profiles

Utility rate tariffs

Existing energy system parameters

Recommended technology size, dispatch strategy, and economics