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About REopt

The REopt model provides concurrent, multiple technology integration and optimization capabilities to help organizations meet their cost savings and energy performance goals. Formulated as a mixed integer linear program, REopt recommends an optimally sized mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, and energy storage technologies; estimates the net present value of implementing those technologies; and provides a dispatch strategy for operating the technology mix at maximum economic efficiency.

Under development at NREL since 2007, REopt was initially created to identify and prioritize cost-effective renewable energy projects across a portfolio of sites. The model is now also used to optimize the size and operating strategy of microgrids, storage, and energy/water systems. REopt analyses have led to more than 260 MW of renewable energy development.

Learn more about REopt’s:

Email with questions about using the platform and NREL’s analysis services to optimize energy systems at your site.

REopt Projects and Case Studies

The REopt model can be applied to a variety of energy optimization projects, including:

  • Renewable energy screenings
  • Campus planning
  • Microgrids and resiliency
  • Energy storage
  • Energy and water nexus
  • New research areas.